Two killers of Colonel Gosht’s family sentenced to life terms 

Two killers of Colonel Gosht’s family sentenced to life terms

Another two participants in the massacre in Ivashevka were sentenced to 25 and 26 years of strict regime colony respectively. Additionally, all convicted will have to pay compensation to the victims’ relatives in the amount of 12.2 million rubles.

In Samara, a regional court sentenced the accused in the murder of the police Colonel Andrey Gosht and five members of his family. The Deputy Chief of the MIA Main Directorate for the Samara Region and his family were brutally killed in the parents' house in April 2016.

According to TASS, the court granted the petition by the Prosecutor's Office and sentenced two of the four accused – Mahmadali Akhmadov and Roman Fataliyev – to life imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Defendants Islam Babayev and Orkhan Zokhrabov were sentenced to 25 and 26 years' imprisonment, respectively, according to the court verdict, read out by judge Mikhail Kondakov. It also transpired that the first 10 years of imprisonment Babayev and Zohrabov will spend in prison, after which they will be transferred to a colony of strict regime.


Trial of the Gosht family murderers

The court found that, on April 24, 2016, in one of the houses in the Ivashevka village of Saratov’s Syzran District the bodies of two men and four women with signs of violent death were found. Among those killed, Deputy Chief of the MIA Main Directorate for the Samara Region, Colonel Andrey Gosht (from 2013 to 2015 headed the Department of Internal Affairs for Syzran) and his family. One of the two Gosht’s nieces, who were in the house, namely, 7-year-old Sophia, was still alive. She was taken to a nearby hospital in coma.

All suspects were identified and detained within 10 days. Roman Fataliyev, Islam Babayev, and Orkhan Zokhrabov were arrested in May 2016 in the Samara Region, while trying to withdraw cash from a credit card stolen from a police officer. Mahmadali Akhmadov was detained later at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport when he voluntarily returned to Russia from Tajikistan.

суд по делу Гошта

According to the investigators, the motive of the murders was robbery. The cost of six people’s lives was 193 thousand rubles: this was the amount the attackers stole, revealed the investigation.

The Investigative Committee later reported that the defendants did not know that at the time of the attack there was a police officer in the house. All four, pressurized by irrefutable evidence collected by the investigation, confessed to the crime and pointed to where they hid the stolen property. In their final statement, they apologized and stated their readiness to redress.

And they still have to do it. Earlier, it was reported that the victims’ relatives filed to the civil lawsuits totaling 14 million rubles against the accused. Delivering the judgement, the court also ruled to collect 12.2 million rubles from them.

Андрей Гошт

Colonel Andrey Gosht

In favor of the victim Evgeny Gosht (Andrey Gosht’s father) from the convicted on account of non-pecuniary damage 4 million rubles and on account of compensation for material damage 14 thousand rubles will be recovered. To Helmut Gosht (Colonel’s son), the criminals will pay material damages in the amount of 138,000 rubles, non-pecuniary damage will be compensated in the amount of 5 million rubles. The victim Andrey Potolkov on account of pecuniary damage from the four convicts will be get 41,000 rubles, the husband of Gosht’s deceased niece Svetlana Potolkova will get 3 million rubles as non-pecuniary damage compensation.



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