Two heads of charitable foundation convicted of raping volunteer

Two heads of charitable foundation convicted of raping volunteer
Gololobov and Kuklin

The defendants’ rivals helped to investigate the case.

The court in Kursk sentenced the heads of the charity foundation Vasha opora (Your Support), Yevgeny Gololobov, 25, and Alexey Kuklin, 22, to four years in a general regime penal colony for raping a 18-year-old volunteer, the regional ICR’s Investigative Directorate reports. The agency emphasized that it would have been impossible to investigate the case without the help of the head of the fund Skoraya molodezhnaya pomosch (Emergency Youth Aid) fund, Anton Androsov and Alexander Alexandrov. The aforementioned activists were at enmity with the defendants and accused them of fraud, says the local publication Fonar.

Many media outlets disseminated information about the cat, whose death convicts blamed on the volunteer who worked for them and abused the young man for that. However, in the release of the ICR no cat is mention. But the Kursk journalists have long been aware of the war between the defendants and Androsov, who is fighting against false benefactors.

As the investigation established, Your Support hired young volunteers to collect money for charity on the streets. Earlier, well-known funds AdVita, Podari zhizn, Vera, and Volunteers to help orphans opposed this method, as in most cases it is used by fraudsters.

In Belgorod, Androsov called The Foundation of Good People and Happy Life the fraudulent organizations. In 2016, the first organization spent 200,000 rubles ($ 3,000) out of the collected 6 million rubles ($ 90,000) for charity, and the second – 900,000 rubles ($ 13,500) out of 86 million ($ 1,3 million). The activist repeatedly tried to stop the activities of the Your Support in Kursk and Belgorod. In response, Gololobov and Kuklin created in a group called False fighters on a social network, in which they accused Androsov of PR.

To prove their charitable activity, Your Support demonstrated the purchase of sound equipment for a military unit, with which the Defense Ministry allegedly could not provide it.

Earlier, Gololobov and Kuklin volunteered to the foundation Region Kursk, which, after a wave of investigations against street fraudsters who pretended to be philanthropists, signed a declaration of good faith in the field of charity and refused street donations. Shortly thereafter, for some unknown reason, the foundation broke up with the future founders of Your Support, and they continued their activities in Belgorod. At the same time, almost none of the volunteers and the leaders of the organization have been 



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