Two elite Moscow residential complexes near MSU to be demolished? 

Two elite Moscow residential complexes near MSU to be demolished?
Yuri Luzhkov and Elena Baturina

Rosreest doubted the legality of the residential complexes Shuvalovsky and Dominion construction on the lands of the Moscow State University with the permission of Luzhkov.⁠

The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography (Rosreestr) calls for the recognition of Shuvalovsky and Dominion residential complexes illegally built. Two years ago, Rosreestr discovered that houses built in 2008 were erected on the territory belonging to the Moscow State University.

These lands were intended for the construction of a new complex of university buildings. However, in 2004, Yuri Luzhkov gave permission to Inteko, then owned by his wife Elena Baturina, for the building of 800 thousand square meters housing, Kommersant wrote. The Mayor's Office even held a barter with the developer - in exchange for financing the construction of a new library for the Moscow State University, located next to the houses, Inteko, which was transferred to the group of BIN in 2011, was freed from creating an engineering infrastructure. As the media reported then, Baturina invested about $1 billion in construction. At the same time, two apartments in the Shuvalovsky housing were reserved for daughters of the Mayor and the entrepreneur in case they matriculated at the Moscow State University.

ЖК «Шуваловский»

Shuvalovsky residential complex

Last week, the Arbitrazh cassation instance sent a new case for the unjustified use of almost 122 hectares on Lomonosovsky Avenue. The court justified its decision by the fact that lower courts had to study the legality of housing construction in this sector. The Moscow State University, according to Rosreestr, did not provide legal justification for the construction. In this case, representatives of the Moscow State University (MSU) said that the agreement between the university and Inteko was approved by the Federal Property Agency in 2004.

In case the court takes the side of Rosreestr, at best, the educational institution faces fines of up to 2 billion rubles ($34.8m) for misuse of land, at worst - objects will be demolished. Now, for failure to comply with the requirements, Rosreestr drafted a protocol on administrative violation, according to which the university faces a fine of 1-2% of the cadastral value of the plot, or 300-600 million rubles ($5.2-10.4m).

The demolition of buildings, according to market participants and analysts interviewed by the edition, is unlikely. The MSU still has the opportunity to change the type of permitted use of the site, where housing is built, or settle an offence with Rosreestr out of court.

Now, all the apartments in the prestigious area between the avenues of Vernadsky and Michurinsky are bought and held by owners.

Two years ago it was reported that the Moscow State University is planning a large-scale expansion: in the territory of more than 240 hectares a scientific and technological complex of the MSU could be erected, where, in addition to academic buildings and hostels, at least 550.000 sq. m. of housing to be built. The project is estimated at no less than 110 billion rubles ($1.9b).



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