Two Chechnya residents arrested in Voronezh Region for robbing truckers

Two Chechnya residents arrested in Voronezh Region for robbing truckers

Criminal cases against two Chechnya residents were opened on the allegation of breaking the Article 161 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The men would rob truckers driving through M-4 Don federal highway, the Voronezh Region.

The suspects were arrested in the Bogucharsky District of the Region, according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation. Initially, the men refused to tell police where the stolen money was, according to Bloknot, the Voronezh Region media.

An M-4 Don highway patrol unit was ordered to arrest a Lexus GS 300 the day before, since its driver and passenger were suspected of having robbed a trucker an hour prior to the order at a parking lot in the Pavlovsky District.

The suspects are two 35 y. o. men from the Chechen Republic. Police arrested them at the 741th km of the highway. Another trucker, a Republic of Belarus resident, addressed the police officers searching the car, telling them 2 men on a similar car had robbed him for 3 000 rubles and 200 Euros at a gas station at the 720th km in the Verkhnemamonsky District earlier that day.

The officers confiscated 19 000 rubles and 200 euros, as well as a bag filled with transparent substance and 4 bottles with liquid reminiscent of a drug as the result of the car arrest and search. The bottles were sent to experts for examination.



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