Two Chechens who attacked the police in Moscow Region with axes might be related to forest gang

Two Chechens who attacked the police in Moscow Region with axes might be related to forest gang
Usman Murdalov and Sulim Ismailov Photo: Life

It became known details of the attack on police officers, which took place in the Moscow regionon the traffic police post at the 20th kilometer of the Shchelkovskoe highway. According to Kommersant, two bearded men, armed with axes, were natives of Chechnya - 21-year-old Usman Murdalov and 18-year-old Sulim Israilov. FSB checks them on connetion with the terrorists.

At 14:20 on August 17 the Captain Mikhail Balakin, one of three traffic poluce officers on duty at the post, drew attention to the standing about 50 meters away bearded men. Going up to him, he asked what they were doing there, and asked to produce the documents. Then one of the Caucasians pulled out of the bag the axe and struck the police.

The colleague of the victim, the Lieutenant Nikolay Drozd saw that  and took out a Makarov pistol and shot an armed criminal with the axe. His accomplice was able to take away the wounded inspector pistol and wounded the second officer. Then he ran into the woods. In pursuit of him rushed the third traffic police inspector, the Lieutenant Valery Pankov, who shot and killed a Chechen.

Investigators found in the pocket of one of attackers a check for buying two axes from the hardware store. According to him, law enforcement officers found that the axes were bought literally 20 minutes before the attack in Balashikha. In the forest, they hid two backpacks with their belongings. In the basic version, they were going to seize police weapons. Currently, the Federal Security Service checks to see if the Chechens were linked to the so-called forest gang - members of illegal armed groups.

"The incident resulted in two members of Second Regiment traffic unit of the Head Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia were seriously injured in the Moscow region - 44-year-old police Captain Mikhail Balakin and 32-year-old police Lieutenant Nikolai Drozd. In serious condition they were hospitalized", - stated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Three traffic police "for competent and decisive action will be presented to the award," promised in the Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the attackers were more than two: TASS source in the police said that several attackers fled from the scene. In the attack a criminal case on grounds was opened under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (Encroachment on the Life of an Officer of a Law-enforcement Agency).  



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