TV host of Russia 24 Nailya Askerzade turns out to own $45 million land property in Rublyovka 

TV host of Russia 24 Nailya Askerzade turns out to own $45 million land property in Rublyovka
Nailya Askerzade

The land property is located near a village of Razdory.

Reporters of Project have found out that a TV host of Russia 24 Nailya Askerzade owns a land property with an area of 43 thousand square meters near a village of Razdory in Rublyovka.

There’s a state villa Barvikha-4 near the TV host’s lands. Back in the day, Mikhail Gorbachev and then Boris Yeltsin used to live there. Besides that, territories nearby are being preserved. It is Serebryanoborskoye Forestry with animals registered in the Red Book living there.

Project estimates the land property at $45 million (2.8 billion rubles). Thus, the total value of Askerzade’s property is almost 3 billion rubles ($46 million). The land property was registered in the name of the TV host a year ago, however she states she does not own it. When asked why there’s her full name in the Unified State Register of Taxpayers, Askerzade sent an emoji.

According to the documentation, there’s a forest on the land property at the present time, however it was bought for construction of a country villa. In particular, its status is defined as “for private housing construction.” 


Deputy PM Anton Siluanov rents a land property nearby. Another Askerzade’s neighbor is a deputy Minister of Defence Ruslan Tsalikov.

Project reminds that the TV host also owns two spacious apartments: in September, 2011, she became an owner of 228 square meters on Pervy Zachatiyevsky Lane; in 2014, she purchased a neigboring apartment with an area of 144 square meters. The total value of Askerzade’s apartments in the house is estimated at 300 million rubles ($4.6 million). Source of Project says the TV host earns several hundred thousand rubles a month.

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