TV channel Russia24 scoffs at beating of gays in Moscow 

TV channel Russia24 scoffs at beating of gays in Moscow

Investigating bodies initiated a criminal case of robbery.

The journalist of the state TV channel Russia 24, Ivan Litomin, on the Dezhurnaya Chast program scoffed at a gay party in the Moscow club Avangarden 2.0, where three men broke in and beat the party organizer and guests trying to defend him. The investigative bodies initiated a criminal case of robbery at the request of the main victim – Nikita Egorov-Kirillov, the Internet project Baza reports.

According to the publication, a former employee and his friends broke into the Popoff Kitchen gay party organized by Egorov-Kirillov. The uninvited persons started a fight with the guards, one of them stole a box with 30,000 rubles ($ 470), the proceeds from the sale of tickets. Egorov-Kirillov owed the mentioned former employee his salary for two months.

The offended ex-employee considered the amount of the money found in the box too little and returned to the club, took his former employer out of the club and beat him along with his friends. Some guests of the party tried to stand up for Egorov-Kirillov, but they were also beaten. Egorov-Kirillov received a concussion and a broken arm.

Russia 24 was silent about the consequences of the visit of the unknown persons to the gay party, but told about the homosexuals in detail and in an ironic manner. The journalist even quoted one of the eyewitnesses of the fight in deliberately mannered intonation. The party was called the Sabbath, and the incident – a punishment. In this report, Litomin sarcastically observes that the victims were ashamed to report to the police.

The Internet users blamed the state channel journalists for homophobia and incitement to hatred, as well as called them a disgrace to the profession.



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