TV channel 360 publishes video of torture in detention facility in Noginsk. One of torturers called recording staged 

TV channel 360 publishes video of torture in detention facility in Noginsk. One of torturers called recording staged
Photo: TV channel 360

According to Roman Novikov, the video was filmed as compromising material on the administration of the detention center. Thanks to the video, he allegedly managed to get a transfer to a colony in the Vladimir Region.

The TV channel 360 published a video of the torture of a prisoner in the cell of the Noginsk detention center in 2017. On the footage, a man lying on a mattress is held by two prisoners, and a third, with tattoos on his arms and legs, rapes him with a wooden bar and demands that he give his name and also asks “who is the recruiter” and “who else he recruited.” There are no FSIN personnel on the video.

The channel claims that the man with tattoos is resident of Balashikha Roman Novikov, 36, who currently works as a fitness trainer at the Bogatyr sports club in the Zheleznodorozhny microdistrict. According to the ruling of the Noginsk City Court issued on August 23, 2017, Novikov was sentenced to 8.5 years in a high-security prison for distributing drugs and killing a 23-year-old girl who sold him heroin. It is reported that in 2010, after an argument, the man strangled her with a car cable. The channel’s source said that Novikov was first held in the Noginks prison No. 1 and then was transferred to colony No. 6 in the village of Melekhovo, the Vladimir Region. In April 2018, he was released on parole by the decision of the Kovrovsky District judge.

The correspondent of the TV channel met with Novikov. The man said that the video was staged and filmed as a compromising material on the management of the detention center. “The person who is on the video, who lies there – did he testify? Maybe he complained to someone?” Novikov said. He explained that the prison management gave the prisoners tasks in exchange for concessions.

“Some prisoners, so that they are well kept and nobody touched them, are asked to do certain things. The fact is that with me this was not possible. Your video is incomplete. You do not have a piece where it is said loudly and clearly, for whom it is done – with titles, posts and for what purpose,” said Novikov. At the same time, he said, with the help of this video, he achieved a transfer to a colony near Vladimir. Novikov refused to disclose the identity of the victim, noting that his cellmate was ended up in a detention facility under the article “Terrorist Act” (Article 205 CCRF). He stressed that when shooting the video no one was hurt. “This piece of wood didn’t hurt anyone. It was just squeezed between the buttocks,” said Novikov.

360 writes that it will send all the information received to the ICR. Also, representatives of the channel contacted the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Moscow Region. There, they promised to hand over the material to the management. In addition, the channel sent a request to the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.




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