Turbazovskie strike again: ex-Head of Miass attacked near City Administration

Turbazovskie strike again: ex-Head of Miass attacked near City Administration
Stanislav Tretyakov

Stanislav Tretyakov's eyebrow was cut; physicians suspect that he has a concussion of the brain.⁠

The former Head of Miass, Stanislav Tretyakov, became the victim of bandits. The unknown attacked Tretyakov directly in the parking lot of the Сity Administration.

The incident occurred this morning, March 17. Two men attacked the ex-Mayor, when he left his car, parked it. Tretyakov was pinned down and beaten.

"I talked on the phone, I did not expect a strike," Stanislav Tretyakov said. "I have already dodged the second strike. I dropped my briefcase and phone; everything lay at the feet of the attackers. But they did not take anything. "

After that the attackers disappeared. The victim had to go to the trauma department. Physicians diagnosed Tretyakov's eyebrow cut and suspected concussion of the brain. Recording beatings, the former Head of Miass intends to write a statement to the police.

Sources believe that behind the attack on Tretyakov are members of the Turbazovskie gang, which representative are businessman Vladimir Murashkin allegedly rules in Miass under the radar of Acting Mayor Gennady Vaskov. The elected Mayor hardly opposes (and even tries?) members of the gang, who are lobbying their interests. For example, in December 2016, Turbazovskie laid out funeral wreaths on the cars of the Miass deputies who did not agree with the adoption of the city's new budget for the next year.

"We have criminals in our city!" - said then one of the deputies Vyacheslav Otkin. "We accept the budget, and I do not want him working for the bandits. Let's first solve this issue, and then we will think about the budget!"

Sources believe that the current Mayor Miass jigs to the tune of bandits, who, in turn, protect him. So, at the end of February, unknown people defiantly cut the tires of the main city newspaper director’s car; he allowed criticizing the Mayor.

Former city manager Stanislav Tretyakov, who resigned more than a year ago, openly disagrees with what is happening in Miass. Parliamentarians support him.

“There were no bandits when Tratyakov reigned,” deputies said.

Znak.com writes that in early March a provocation was established: leaflets were posted on the walls of the houses, accusing Tretyakov of withdrawing a large sum from the accounts of one of the management companies. The initiators of this action also are either the City Administration or an unknown third party, who intents to beat down the foreheads of the ex-city manager and current Head.



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