Tuleev builds "a whole village" on his dacha property  

Tuleev builds "a whole village" on his dacha property
Aman Tuleev’s residence Photo: Screenshot from the video

The ex-governor has 12 houses and over 40 other buildings on his property.

Alexey Navalny has posted a video showing the dacha of Aman Tuleev, the ex-governor of Kemerovo region. The video reveals a residence of more than 155 square meters.

"The surroundings of Tuleev’s residence look rather morbid," Navalny commented. “Tiny houses, rickety fences, sheds. How can one look at all this from the windows of a governor's residence? So, the residence itself is hidden from the simple folks with about a thousand square meters of forest," he continues.

"As we look closer at the gubernatorial dacha, we can see several houses. This is an interesting thing about Tuleev’s residence: instead of a large multi-story villa, he built several one-story houses. There are 12 houses on the territory. It's like having your own little village. There is a road one kilometer long that goes through the property. This might actually be the best road in the entire Kemerovo region. The residence has all utility services, even a cell tower. There are many economic buildings, too: over 40 ones, and even an artesian well. The Kemerovo region may envy Tuleev, Navalny notes, since the region is in the bottom of the country’s water pollution list, and same goes for the air. It also ranks 75 in the life expectancy list," Navalny says.

In early April, the media talked about the property of Alexander Mamontov, the head of the region’s Emergency Ministry, who managed to purchase a three-story mansion with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, a smaller dacha and five apartments in Kemerovo that he registered in the names of his wife and mother, with an official income of 1.7 million rubles.

Video: Tuleev’s dacha we all paid for



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