Tula police advise activist of rallies "to hold horses" 

Tula police advise activist of rallies "to hold horses"

Unknown threw Molotov cocktails at the housing of the candidate for deputies of the City Duma.

At four in the morning, an unidentified man set the house of Communist Party member Marina Tolkacheva on fire, throwing four Molotov cocktails over the fence. An external surveillance camera recorded the crime. The police said that they are unlikely to find the arsonist, and advised "to hold horses," according to OVD-Info.

Tolkacheva participated in protest rallies against garbage reform and raising the retirement age, and repeatedly applied to the Mayor's office over the construction and environmental standards were violated by one of the developers. The activist believes that arson is associated with her political activities. She had previously received threats, and her husband was beaten.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation nominated her as a candidate for the city council, elections will be held in September.



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