Tsaritsyno morgue management faces criminal prosecution over swindling

Tsaritsyno morgue management faces criminal prosecution over swindling
Evgeny Kildyushov

The ICR is checking into former Head of the Moscow Bureau of Forensic Expertise Evgeny Kildyushov and his deputy Oksana Doronina for using gray schemes of procurement and payment of salaries to ‘ghost employees’. Last week, the bureau was searched by the FSB.⁠

Accountants and forensic pathologists of the Moscow Bureau of Forensic Expertise have appealed to the Investigative Committee with a statement on the gray financial schemes used by the organization’s management. In particular, it concerns procurement of equipment at an inflated price and payment of salaries to ‘ghost employees’, Life reports.

The Investigative Committee has initiated a pre-investigation check, which will affect former Head of the bureau Evgeny Kildyushov, as well as his ex-deputy Oksana Doronina. Both resigned after the searches conducted by the FSB on October 12. According to Life, the morgue came to the attention of siloviki as early as in August 2017.

The bureau employee’s statement says that equipment and medicines used to be purchased with budgetary funds at inflated prices through companies controlled by Kildyushov and Doronina. In particular, as Life reports, the institution would conclude state contracts with Torusmed LLC, registered in the name of Doronina’s full namesake. From 2013 to 2015, Torusmed LLC was engaged in repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems in the morgue. During this time, the company received 6.9 million rubles ($120 thousand) from the bureau. At the same time, all documents on the part of the morgue were signed by Doronina.

According to member of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, Pavel Zaytsev, there is no conflict of interest in this case, since formally, the deputy director of the bureau can manage other companies. However, if it is determined that the prices for goods and services were indeed overstated, this will be the occasion for the initiation of a case over embezzlement of budgetary funds on state contracts.

Another check in the morgue took place in 2016 after the media published reports on the illegal removal of organs from the dead. Nevertheless, an investigator made a decision not to institute criminal proceedings. A month later, the prosecutor's office quashed this decision. The materials were referred for further review.

The third check led to the initiation of a criminal case over negligence. In 2015, about 13 employees of the morgue contracted tuberculosis due to malfunctions in the ventilation system and lack of proper sanitation of the facilities. Two forensic pathologists filed an application to the police about negligence. There are currently no defendants in the case. It is reported that Kildyushov has been recently questioned as part of it. The media link his dismissal to the investigation of this criminal case.



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