Transparency International asks General Prosecutor to check Dankvert

Transparency International asks General Prosecutor to check Dankvert
Sergey Dankvert has already been accused of clash of interests several times

According to the anti-corruption organization, the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor patronizes the company of his daughter.

The Russian department of Transparency International addressed the General Prosecutor’s Office with the requirement to conduct an audit on compliance with anti-corruption legislation of Rosselkhoznadzor Head Sergey Dankvert, RBC reports. According to activists, the ban on meat import from Belarus was based on the interests of domestic beef suppliers. One of the potential beneficiaries will be company JSC Agroplemsoyuz, the board of director of which includes the daughter of Dankvert.

Representatives of Transparency International ask to carry out a scrutiny in respect of Dankvert as Rosselkhoznadzor headed by him also controls his daughter’s company. Experts claim that this situation creates a clash of interests.

Earlier, Dankvert has already been suspected of actually owning companies in the area he regulates. These companies featured agricultural holding Agroplemsoyuz, LLC DomStroy, LLC Standart Plus and hunting farm Ozyornoye.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of the neighboring country, expressed suspicions of Dankvert’s personal interest in banning import of products from Belarus. He also demanded to launch an official criminal investigation against the official.



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