Transit across Rotenberg Bridge to cost 269 rubles per kilometer

Transit across Rotenberg Bridge to cost 269 rubles per kilometer
Arkady Rotenberg

Authorities of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yugra adopted a resolution on intra-roads toll, which directly regulates the rules of travel on the new bridge over the Ob River.

The bridge will appear in the area of Surgut and will be the first paid water crossings in the region. The maximum fee for certain categories of vehicles will be 269 rubles per kilometer.

The district authorities have set minimum and maximum values of which subsequently the fare will be calculated. The corresponding decision was taken on Friday, October 28, at a meeting of the region Government, reports the correspondent of URA.Ru play-by-play.

As follows from the decision, the cap for maximum value of the toll will vary. Starting from 84 rubles/km for vehicles, including vehicles with a trailer, the height above the front axle of which is up to two meters, finishing with 269 rubles/km for vehicles with three or more axles, including vehicles with a trailer, the height above the front axis of which is more than 2.6 meters. The amount of the payment will consist of several indicators: base amount determined by the operator per toll road kilometer, the length of the route, the differentiating factors.

For example, a single fare on a 2.1 km long bridge (the length of the existing Surgut bridge), for three-axle heavy trucks, will reach 564.9 rubles.

It is to be noted that the length of the new bridge is unknown today.

By analogy with the nationwide system Plato, money from motorists will be charged by a special operator. The District Government Regulation provides for both a one-time payment of travel and the purchase of subscription. "The financial model of the project is still under development. When it is ready, we will hold a public debate, and only then will make the final decision", commented on the decision the Director of the Road Management and Transport Department of Yugra Valery Fomagin.

According to unofficial information, as URA.Ru reported, several companies are showing interest in the creation of a new bridge. Among them, there is Mostostroy 11 (the organization was engaged in construction of the first bridge in Surgut, according to media reports, it is controlled by the Rotenbergs’ business family). The project’s financing maybe will be supported by Gazprombank, VTB and Sberbank: the issue is also still under discussion. The planned investments will exceed 34 billion rubles.



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