Transcript of negotiations with Airbus A321 crew

Transcript of negotiations with Airbus A321 crew

Vigilant dispatchers saw flocks of birds over the territory of the airport.

The transcript of negotiations between the pilots of Airbus A321 that landed in a cornfield near the Zhukovsky airport and dispatchers has been published.

To recall, on August 15, pilots of the Ural Airlines Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin landed the plane immediately after its takeoff from the Moscow region’s Zhukovsky airport due to engine failure. Flocks of large birds got trapped into both engines.

After the publication of the full transcript of the negotiations, it became known that the collision with the birds occurred during take-off, and the first engine failed after a few minutes. It is worth noting the vigilance of dispatchers who warned pilots about birds.

The negotiators had the following radio call signs: Zhukovsky airport — Gordy, U6178 crew — SVR178. The phrase PAN-PAN is an emergency signal.

At 6 am, after receiving a request for take-off, the dispatcher responded to the pilots that they were assigned the 12th lane; other information included wind vector 110 degrees, wind velocity 5 meters, visibility 7 kilometers, lower edge not defined, QNH 1008, QFE 994, outdoor temperature 16 degrees, coefficient of adhesion 0.5. After that, a warning was received that migratory birds were seen over the territory of the airport.

After that, there were standard negotiations between the pilot and dispatchers. At 06:11, the following message came from the ground: “Takeoff permitted, individual flocks of birds”

Already at 06:14, the pilot sent an alarming message: “SVR, PAN PAN, PAN PAN, PAN PAN, SVR.”

A little later, the crew explained the situation: “One engine failure.”

The dispatcher said: “SVR 178, your decision.”

The pilot requested permission to reverse the turn, the dispatcher confirmed. But the Аirbus pilots never turned the plane. Later, commander Damir Yusupov commented on his decision, explaining that they wanted to return only after the failure of the first engine, but after a few minutes the second one failed, and the aircraft began to lose speed. Then it was decided to land the board with 226 passengers and seven crew members in a cornfield.

At 06:15, the pilot requested an ambulance and rescue service. When the dispatcher asked at what height the liner was, the pilot replied: “We landed the plane behind the landing strip,” then the dispatcher asked them to repeat such unexpected news and asked where the board was. During subsequent negotiations, it turned out that the emergency beacon, which was supposed to indicate the location of the aircraft, did not work.

At 06:18, the pilots asked the flight control point not to distract them. “Do not distract us please, passenger evacuation is underway,” Yusupov told dispatchers.

At 06:19, all passengers were evacuated. At the same time, the pilots reported the good news: “There are no casualties.”

At 06:48, the pilot reported the coordinates to the dispatchers, since the emergency beacon worked intermittently.

Firefighters arrived first, then the rescuers and evacuation buses came.

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the commander and co-pilot of the aircraft the title of Hero of Russia; the remaining crew members will receive the Order of Courage.



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