Transbaikalian ex-deputies might be complicit with 9 murders

Transbaikalian ex-deputies might be complicit with 9 murders
The site of the murder of Konstantin Klyuchevsky and Yevgeny Zharov, leaders of the Klyuchevskaya syndicate

The investigating authorities of the Chita region are running a check on Dmitry Nepomnyashchy, a former deputy of the Chita Regional Duma, and his City Duma counterpart, Alexey Guskov, who are suspected of involvement in crimes that had been committed between 1995 and 2005.

Dmitry Nepomnyashchy, the former deputy of the Chita Regional Duma, and Alexey Guskov, his City Duma counterpart, are suspected of being linked to the Klyuchevskaya gang and being complicit with the killings of nine people between 1995 and 2005, Zabaikalsky Rabochy reported citing a source familiar with the investigation. The ex-deputies are charged with three counts of homicide.

The first murder is dated September 28, 1995. According to investigators, five proactive Klyuchevskaya members, including Nepomnyashchy and Guskov, strangled two young men in the woods near Chita on orders of their bosses. It is believed to have been a turf war, said the source.

Nepomnyashchy is an alleged accomplice in the murder of a man that was committed on the orders of one of the Klyuchevskaya bosses in the summer of 1998. According to the investigation, Guskov was involved in the murder of two people in the suburbs of Chita that year. All three victims were strangled.

Besides, Nepomnyashchy is suspected of having shot the owner of a large Chita mall in August 2002 and killing a man of Armenian origin in March 2004. Guskov is accused of involvement in the murder of Klyuchevskaya leaders, Klyuchevsky and Zharov, in May 2005, when the bosses were killed by their cronies in another turf war.

The degree to which the ex-deputies were involved in the killings is unknown so far, but it is reported that Guskov drove the car on the day Klyuchevsky and Zharov were murdered.

Dmitry Nepomnyashchy was a deputy of the Chita Regional Duma between 2000 and 2008. Alexey Guskov was elected to the Chita City Duma in January 2005, but eight months later was arrested and convicted in another criminal case. In March 2018, the regional Investigative Committee reported that 10 previously detained Klyuchevskaya members had been involved in at least nine attacks on citizens and 12 manslaughters.



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