Traffic police to testify in case of accident involving Leonid Reyman’s ex-wife 

Traffic police to testify in case of accident involving Leonid Reyman’s ex-wife
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The Mercedes of 51-year-old Yulia Poltavskaya drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into the Audi of 32-year-old Maria Soloshcheva, who suffered a fracture of the foot as a result of the accident. The accident examination provided by Poltavskaya’s side was called “a fantasy.”

The traffic police officers, who registered the car accident involving the former wife of ex- Minister of Communications Leonid Reyman, Yulia Poltavskaya, are to testify in the Sestroretsk District Court of St. Petersburg on April 16, 47news reports. Poltavskaya was considered guilty of the accident, in which Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg Maria Soloshcheva was injured. The victim’s representatives called the examination disproving the guilt of the former Minister of Communications’s wife “a fantasy.”

The accident took place in Repino, the Leningrad region, on July 31, 2017. Poltavskaya’s Mercedes, crashed into Soloshcheva’s Audi on the opposite lane. As a result of the accident, the latter suffered a fracture of the foot. Poltavskaya and her daughter sitting in the passenger seat were not hurt.


According to Soloshcheva, the car of Reyman’s ex-wife was driving on the wrong side of the road. When telling her version of what happened, she said that she saw Mercedes a few seconds before the collision. The car was moving at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour with a third of its body on the opposite lane. The speed of Soloshcheva’s car was about 25 kilometers per hour.

According to the medical report, Soloscheva received a medium injury. Her treatment took 3 months, during which Poltavskaya did not make any attempts to contact her.

Officers of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate who arrived on the scene drew up a car accident scheme, which came at the disposal of journalists from 47news. There is ‘dirt talus’ shown on the scheme – this is the term for determining the location of the collision. In the scheme, talus is in the centerlining. According to the accident report, the collision point is half a meter from the traffic lane marking on the side of Soloshcheva’s car.

In her testimony, Yulia Poltavskaya said that she was driving on the right side of the road and did not consider himself guilty, but agreed with the road accident scheme. Later, she said that Soloshcheva’s friend “with a pistol holster” exerted pressure on her. It later turned out that it was a waist pack. 

Poltavskaya was found guilty of the car accident. According to part 2 of Art. 12.24 of the Russian Administrative Code, responsibility for the violation of traffic rules, which caused the average damage to the health of the victim involves a fine of up to 20 thousand rubles ($320) and deprivation of the driver’s license for two years. In September, Poltavskaya’s case was referred to the Sestroretsk Court. That was when she provided the examination, according to which it was impossible to determine the collision point. 


In December 2017, Judge Natalya Bogdanova appointed a judicial technical examination. Poltavskaya’s side offered to conduct it at the Center for Independent Expertise Petrogradsky Ekspert. According to the results of examination, which were complete by February 22, 2018, it was not possible to establish the actual location of cars at the accident scene, since the road curve was not established; neither there were traces of spreading of liquids and fragments. Expert Andrey Rusinov said that Poltavskaya’s version was the most plausible.

The car expert representing the interests of Soloshcheva said that Rusinov had ignored the scheme of an accident with the dirt talus and did not provide trasology calculations and expertise. At the same time, the expert made assumptions that Mercedes was on the oncoming lane due to the fact that it “continued rotation in the same direction” after the crash. The defense called this version “a fantasy.”

The traffic police officers interviewed by the publication also expressed doubts about the examination’s accuracy. “Indeed, the dirt talus is not taken into account. There are but assumptions, nothing specific,” an interviewee said.

In an interview with 47news, Poltavskaya said she did not exert pressure on the expert company. She noted that she had divorced Reyman long ago. Representatives of the ex-minister said he was not aware of this situation and had nothing to do with it.



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