Video: Policeman jumps into Moscow River to rescue girl  

Video: Policeman jumps into Moscow River to rescue girl
Sinking car dredged from the Moscow River

42-year-old traffic police officer Aleksey Konyaev have jumped into the icy water to save a girl from a car sinking in the Moscow River.

According to MIA official representative Irina Volk, this incident occurred on the evening of January 26 at the Rostovskaya quay in Khamovniki district. As a result of an accident, Subaru Forester fell into the water.

This car is registered in the territory of the Ryazan region. Apart from the police officer, a witness of the accident, driving along the waterfront on his car, also rushed to rescue the woman from the sinking car. Together with the police officer, the man broke the sinking car's glass, and then they pulled the woman out and dragged her up to the shore.

Now, the police officer is to be awarded for the selfless act. It should be added that as a result of the rescue operation, the man got hypothermia and was hospitalized. "After staying in ice water, the traffic police officer was sent to the hospital with a strong supercooling, and the civilian rescuer refused from medical treatment and drove off. Police are now looking for this man to learn about his condition, express gratitude for the woman's salvation, as well as clarify the details of the accident," MIA representative added.

It has been predetermined that Subaru fell into the water after colliding with Land Rover. After the woman was rescued from the sinking car, rescuers also extracted the car from the water using specialized equipment.

Video: Extraction of sinked car from the Moscow River



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