Traffic police chief's father offers to pay victims of car accident for silence 

Traffic police chief's father offers to pay victims of car accident for silence
Head of the Protvino State Road Traffic Safety Inspection Roman Popovich Photo: Protvinskoe news agency

Roman Popovich who was admitted to a hospital after the accident could have been drunken.

Roman Popovich, who escaped from the car accident spot, is suspended from performing duties. An official check is ongoing; investigators are working on the reasons for his applying to a hospital.

Also, as it became known, the father of Popovich, an officer of the local traffic police, contacted the victims immediately after the accident and offered them 50 thousand rubles ($802) for silence, and promised to pay off the repair costs of the broken car. In return, he asked the victims to say that their car had rammed some unknown SUV and not to publish the recording from the chart recorder. Those, in turn, claimed 200 thousand rubles, but he refused, telling that he had no so much money. According to Popovich Sr., the cause of the accident was the son’s heart attack.

The accident occurred on May 27 on the 17th kilometer of the Serpukhov-Danki-Priluki highway. At around 5:00 pm, a Mercedes off-road vehicle slipped into the oncoming lane at high speed and crashed into a Hyundai. After that, Mercedes disappeared. The driver of the Korean car showed the video to the police officers arrived at the scene, and those, according to Mash, determined that the car belongs to Popovich. Soon he was found in the hospital, as he allegedly had a stroke.

According to our sources, at the time of the accident, Popovich was drunk. When rammed, he stopped at 300 meters, and when he came around, he decided to hide. He reached the hospital, leaving his Mercedes on the road.

As reports, the identity of the Mercedes driver has not been confirmed. According to the press service of the Ministry, a check is ongoing, during which all the circumstances of the incident will be objectively and comprehensively studied, the driver who ran the Mercedes at the time of collision will be established.

The Protvino State Road Traffic Safety Inspection does not comment on the accident.

Popovich was appointed the Head of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection on July 1, 2016. Previously, he held the post of the Deputy Head of the Protvinsky traffic police. Before working in Protvino, Popovich served in Serpukhov for 18 years.



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