Police beat female football club coach after he makes remark about smoking in the wrong place 

Police beat female football club coach after he makes remark about smoking in the wrong place
Cigarette smoking police officer

Faig Nagdaliev brought the case to court only a year later.

A year later, the Investigative Committee initiated a case over the beating of Torpedo female football club coach Faig Nagdaliev by police officers. This is reported by Meduza citing the public organization Committee Against Torture.

For a whole year, the man was trying to bring the case to court all year, however, the Investigative Committee would refuse every time.

August 25, 2016, when approaching Taganskaya metro station, Nagdaliev saw police officers that were smoking. The coach went up to them and made a remark about smoking in the wrong place, thus violating the Code of Administrative Offenses. In response, they told Nagdaliev to go away in a rude manner. The 'conversation' with the police officers and people in civilian clothes who stood nearby – a total of 8-10 persons – ended with Nagdaliev’s phone (with which he tried to capture what was happening) being knocked out of his hands. According to the athlete, in desperation, he shoved the man who did it. After that, the law enforcers pinned his arms down, put him on his knees, and began hitting him in the head and chest. As a result, Nagdaliev suffered a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, as well as numerous abrasions and bruises.

Faig Nagdaliev

Faig Nagdaliev

Then the coach was detained and put in the police room at the Taganskaya metro station, from where he was taken to police department. As he was explained, the grounds for his detention was the fact he had been filming police officers on duty. As a result, the man was released after signing a report, according to which he had no complaints and had sustained the damage by accidentally hitting on the subway door.

Nagdaliev said that the same evening, police officers tried to make amends by bringing a cake to the Russian Football Union. They left it at the checkpoint along with their apologies. However, the coach was not satisfied with how the situation resolved, so he began to seek punishment for the perpetrators.   

The situation changed only on November 3 following the personal intervention of Head of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow Aleksandr Drymanov. Investigators from the ICR Department for the Investigation of Crimes Committed by Law Enforcement Officials are in charge of it.  

According to Legal Adviser of the Committee Against Torture Anastasiya Garina, who represents the interests of Nagdaliev, despite the fact that the full names of the attackers are known, the investigation has been initiated against unidentified police officers.

Video: Police officers detain Torpedo female football club coach who made a remark about smoking outside the metro



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