Tor founder tells how to block it

Tor founder tells how to block it

One of the founders of the anonymous Tor browser told about a possible way, which is already used in China, to block it in Russia. Tor can be blocked due to the new law on the prohibition of anonymizers.

One of the founders of the anonymous Tor browser David Goldschlag, on the background of the adoption of the bill on anonymizers in Russia, told Vedomosti about a possible way to block the browser, which Roscomnadzor can resort to.

Tor works so that the user's request for access to the site is first encrypted to the input node that has its own IP address. A node can be public and non-public. According to Goldschlag, Russian users often use public nodes. IP-addresses of public nodes are publicly available, Roskomnadzor can enter them and IP-addresses of sites with .onion extension, which are available only in Tor, in the registry of banned. In this case, access to them will be limited at the provider level. For this method, it is necessary that all providers work in this way, but it is technically possible, Goldschlag said.

This is how the Chinese authorities act, and there are restrictions on the level of providers in the US, he added.

November 1, 2017 the law on banning anonymizers and VPN-services will come into force in Russia. Such anonymizer is the Tor browser, which is used by more than 200.000 people in Russia. All traces of Tor users on the Internet are hidden, as for each request a route is randomly selected through one of the three nodes, and each subsequent node encrypts the previous one.

As Goldschlag noted, in five years the number of Russian users of Tor increased threefold. It is not known whether Roskomnadzor will block the browser. The representative of the department did not answer the newspaper's questions.



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