Top-manager of largest aircraft engines manufacturer ODK-UMPO killed in Ufa

Top-manager of largest aircraft engines manufacturer ODK-UMPO killed in Ufa
Police’s APB Photo: Ufa1

A day after the disappearance of Yury Yashin, Deputy Commercial Director of UDK-UMPO, his body was discovered under a bridge with tied hands.

Deputy Commercial Director of the engine manufacturer UDK-UMPO, Yury Yashin, has died in Ufa under obscure circumstances, Kommersant reports.

According to the publication’s regional editors office, law enforcement officers found the top manager’s body with a gunshot wound on Saturday. Ufa1 notes that the top manager was found dead under the Safronovsky Bridge with traces of violent death, but the alleged cause of his death is strangulation.

Kommersant’s sources close to operative services said that the victim's hands were tied.

According to local media, Yurt Yashin did not show up at work on Friday. It turned out that on July 20, Yashin left the house at 46 Karl Marx Street, but never reached his car. After traces of blood were found near his car, the police started to search for him under an APB. Law enforcers have yet to comment on the information about the murder.

PAO ODK-Ufimskoe motorostroitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obyedinenie (‘ODK-Ufa Engine-Building Production Association PJSC’) is a developer and the largest manufacturer of gas turbine engines in Russia. The enterprise develops, manufactures, services, and repairs turbojet aircraft engines and gas pumping units, as well as produces and repairs helicopter equipment assemblies.



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