Tomsk resident tortured for posting songs about police on VK

Tomsk resident tortured for posting songs about police on VK
Maksim Shulgin

Tomsk “E” Center arrested Levy Blok (“Left Wing”) activist Maksim Shulgin suspected of inciting hatred towards police officers. He was thrown on the floor of a car next to a working heater where he suffered a burn to his arm.

A police car approached the Levy Blok Tomsk HQ. A number of plain cloth people wearing masks got out of it. They did not introduce themselves. They then put all activists on the ground and took them to a police station, according to Mediazona.

They put 28-year-old activist Maksim Shulgin in a separate car. He was thrown on the floor between the front and back seats. It was warm that day, about 17 °C (63 °F). Yet, police officers turned on the heater, directing the air current towards the floor.

“I told them I could not breath. They kicked me and asked whether I was alive, then told me to wait until we arrive, then it would be OK. They also punched me to the left side of my torso. If I did not answer for a long time they would beat me just because, I guess they liked it. They asked what we were going to do on May 1. They would comment saying “extremists are not as impressive nowadays,” Shulgin told the Otkrytaya Rossiya Human Rights Group.

Shulgin ended up suffering first and second degree burns to his right arm he used to block off hot air.

The police released the majority of the activists once at the police station. However, it launched an investigation against two of them for violation of article 282, part 1 of the Criminal Code.

Shulgin and a 19-year-old young man were told they “posted extremist audio and video materials that incited violence against police officers on the Internet from their home PCs.” The two were imposed travel restriction on.

Shulgin is accused of publishing a number of songs on his VK page (***, menty by Chetverio; Ment-President and Pornofilmy by Dukhy Tsekha; Molotov Koktel by Nichego Khoroshevo; Ment by Plokhie Dyadki). Mediazona failed to find the songs on the official list of extremist materials published by the Ministry of Justice. The second suspect was not told what extremist materials he allegedly published.



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