Tomsk official blew his subordinates' salaries on gambling

Tomsk official blew his subordinates' salaries on gambling

In the Tomsk region, an official has lost 180 thousand rubles (3 thousand dollars) in an online casino.

A criminal case under embezzlement has been initiated against an employee of the Vavilovsky Rural Settlement Administration of the Tomsk region. The official was caught spending the money, intended for the payment of salaries to colleagues, in an online casino.

According to the Tomsk Regional Prosecutor's Office, in the period from May to December 2016, the state official appropriated 180 thousand rubles from the administration's cash fund. The administration received the money as payment for rent of state land plots and property; it was intended to pay salaries to the administration staff.

As it was found out during the investigation, the official has appropriated the money and blown it on gambling on one of the casino sites. After spending 180 thousand rubles on virtual poker, he realized he would need to conceal the embezzlement, and tried to take out a loan, but was refused. He later confessed to investigators and admitted his guilt. He has voluntarily reimbursed the material damage caused to the administration.



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