"Told the guard he’d cut off his ears." School kids say Daniil Gorbatenko was “aggressive and utterly unstable” 

"Told the guard he’d cut off his ears." School kids say Daniil Gorbatenko was “aggressive and utterly unstable”
Daniil Gorbatenko standing apart from the rest of the kids Photo: Social Media

Daniil’s classmates were always reluctant to talk with him.

Pupils and teachers of school 1359 in Zhulebino, where Daniil Gorbatenko, 16, came with a knife today, said the kid was aggressive and "utterly unstable," reported the Telegram channel Mash.

According to one of the students, Daniil would often help the cleaners in the cafeteria but was always weird with his classmates. “We’ve never wanted to talk to him,” the student says.

Gorbatenko is always seen standing alone in school photographs.

Moreover, it was not the first time that Daniil brought a knife to school - he was seen walking around with one about a week ago, but did not threaten anyone at that time. The boy seemed to enjoy bringing various "weapons" to the class, such as a disposable razor or sharpened sushi sticks, his classmates said.

There was an incident with the guard when the student said he would cut off his ears in response to the man’s rebuke about Daniil not having his school shoes with him, Mash said.

Note that the schoolboy’s neighbors said he is a timid kid who has never gotten into any troubles that they know of.

The incident happened in the morning. A 16-year-old locked himself in a classroom and threatened to commit suicide. His mother, grandfather and the police managed to detain the kid; investigators and psychologists are now working with him. The mother claims that her son was acting strangely because of some “headache pills” he has been taking.

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