TiNAO Investigative Department set on fire: Thuggish policemen concealing crime traces

TiNAO Investigative Department set on fire: Thuggish policemen concealing crime traces
The fire occurred between the second floor and the roof, the total area is about 150 square meters

The investigators ran the case against 10 operatives accused of extorting money from a businessman and stealing 1.5 kg of amber.

The reason for the arson of the building of the Investigative Department for Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative districts of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate of Moscow could be desire of criminals to destroy materials of a criminal case against a gang of siloviki. According to Life, referring to Mash public page, the aim of the arsonists was a criminal case brought against 10 operatives of the thuggish department of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Prefecture of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts (TiNAO). The policemen were accused of extorting 200,000 rubles ($3.5 thousand) from a businessman and stealing 1.5 kg of amber. Life reports that previously unknown people asked to hush up the case of the law enforcement gang for 20 million rubles ($353.1 thousand), but the investigation turned out to be incorruptible.

Sources specify that overnight into May 19, the doors to the offices of the investigator on this case and his boss were allegedly broken. The unidentified gathered all the volumes of the criminal case in one office and set them on fire.

The fire resulted in the entire floor of a two-story building, where the territorial department of the Investigative Committee was located, burnt down. The fire team that arrived at the site managed to eliminate the fire in 2.5 hours. As a result, the fire destroyed the offices of the second floor, in which, among other things, the criminal cases of the investigation department were kept. The investigators opened a criminal case on this incidence under part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code (Wilful Destruction of Property by means of fire).

At the moment a circle of suspects is being established. According to sources, CCTV cameras did not record penetration into the room, round-the-clock security of the ICR not notice any strangers in the building as well.

Earlier Vladimir Penyazev, the Head of the Territorial Department of the ICR, told MK that two of the latest high-profile cases in which the investigators of the TiNAO took part were the massacre at Khovanskoye cemetery and the collapse of the tunnel on Kaluzhskoye highway, which claimed lives of two workers.



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