Rapper Timati gets "crowned" 

Rapper Timati gets "crowned"

It is not the first time that the rap performer refers to the “thieves’ subject.”

The well-known Russian performer Timati (Timur Yunusov) has uploaded a picture of himself and his daughter Alisa, who is putting a crown on his head, to Instagram with the following caption: “I've got crowned.”

In general, the artist’s subscribers appreciated the joke and either were touched by the child, or said that in this way Timati hinted that Kirkorov was no longer king. However, some users found it to be AUE-related (criminal movement).  Especially since the singer had previously turned to it. They called the hip hop artist “the king of a pair of brass toilets” and said that he would be punished for it

 Screenshot of Timati’s Instagram page

Screenshot of Timati’s Instagram page

To recall, earlier this year, a picture appeared on Instagram, showing the rapper posing against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower in Paris wearing a denim jacket depicting a thief in law’s tattoo. Back then, users also asked the rapped to “explain his appearance.”

Тимати в Париже

But not all users reacted strongly to the apparent ‘criminal connotation’ of the message. Someone jokingly called the performer “the father in law,” adding that he was crowned by the most important person in his life.



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