Three US diplomats removed from train from Nenox where explosion previously occurred

Three US diplomats removed from train from Nenox where explosion previously occurred

The Americans did not have permission to enter the high-security area.

Three American diplomats without permits to enter the high-security area were removed from the train from Nenoks at the Severodvinsk station, Interfax reports. At that, two US citizens turned out to be military attaches. It is to be recalled that in August, during tests at the Russian Navy training ground in Nenoks, an explosion with the release of radiation substances occurred.

“The American diplomats were on an official trip and duly notified the Department of Defense with a trip notice,” Rebecca Ross, press officer of the US Embassy in Russia, said. 

According to REN-TV, a naval attache at the US embassy, ​​captain of the first rank, Whitsitt William Curtis, attache at the US embassy Arriol Jerry Anthony and military attache at the US embassy ​​Colonel D.S. Danna. After the documents check, they were released, but a visit to Nenoks can be regarded as an administrative offense.

On August 8, an explosion occurred at a training ground near Nenoks, resulting in the deaths of five Rosatom employees and two soldiers, another six people were injured. The dead scientists worked in Sarov at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. After the explosion, the radiation background increased in the area and Severodvinsk for a short time, and the section of the Dvina Bay of the White Sea was closed for swimming.

The United States believes that the explosion is related to the test of the new Burevestnik missile which President Vladimir Putin presented in March 2018 during his speech to the Federation Council.



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