Three sisters murder drug-dealing rapist father in Moscow 

Three sisters murder drug-dealing rapist father in Moscow
Mikhail Khachaturyan

A terrible story occurred the day before in the northeast of Moscow. Three blood sisters-Muscovites aged 17, 18 and 19 killed their drug-addicted father, who threatened them with violence. Later it turned out that the murdered Mikhail Khachaturyan had also been a major drug dealer.

July 29 the Moscow police detained sisters Kristina, Angelina and Mariya Khachaturyan on suspicion of murdering their father.

The official information from the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-East Administrative District of Moscow and the Investigative Committee (ICR) is somewhat scarce. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that officers with the Criminal Investigation Department of Altufyevsky district of the capital detained three girls on suspicion of murdering a 57-year-old man. A corpse with stab wounds was found in the entrance of one of the houses along Altufyevskoye highway. Butyrsky Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR for Moscow launched a criminal case under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder).

The ICR clarified that at the interrogation the girls admitted their guilt and explained that they had "personal hostile relations with their father due to the longstanding moral suffering inflicted by him."

Telegram channels 112 and Mash elaborated on what this formal wording meant. It transpired that the murdered Mikhail Khachaturyan was a drug addict, used heroin and often beat the sisters, and even raped one of them before. After that, she tried to commit suicide, but a criminal case was not instituted - the father told the doctors that his daughter had mixed the pills. It is reported that the tyrant took the sisters to the forest and threatened with a shotgun and a pistol, often inflicting blows with them. It is known that the mother of the sisters has not lived with them for a long time. The head of the family allegedly kicked her out of the house. At that time she was still a minor. Three girls lived in constant fear. Their friends saw their permanent bruises and abrasions. The father did not allow the girls to go anywhere.


Kristina, Angelina, and Mariya Khachaturyan

Komsomolskaya Pravda informed that on the day of the murder, the sisters’ brother came to visit them - 21-year-old Sergey, whom the father threw out of the house several years ago. He was with a friend. A scandal broke out when a relative saw all five in the apartment and informed the head of the household about this. The father accused the daughters of prostitution, and their brother - of pimping and began to threaten his daughters with physical violence, including rape.

REN TV, in turn, got a comment from the brother of the girls, who, according to him, had not been to their house for several years and had not known how the sisters lived. His father kicked him out of the house when he was 16, but the son believes that his father "wanted to make him a man" this way. Concerning the crime committed by the sisters, the young man stated that he could not believe in what had happened, adding a strange phrase that the sisters "have long been lost."


It is reported that Mikhail Khachaturyan was not always such a monster

Meanwhile, according to the interviewed friends of the three sisters, the girls grew up being merry and cheerful, but "lived in hell" - they were scared of their father, and when he flew away somewhere, they were pleased. The friends do not believe that the sisters would resort to murder if they were not in danger.


REN TV channel published an audio record that Mikhail Khachaturyan sent home from another city when his son Andrey (who claimed that he had not seen his sisters for a long time) together with a friend came to the Moscow apartment to take away a dog. The father learned about this and got furious and showered his daughters with curse words on the record.

"You will do a constant blow job if you do not leave. And if you leave, then I will find you, с**t, f***ing whore. <...> You were sluts, and you will die as sluts. If you risk this time ... your mother did not dare ... f**k you, you will regret this. You will not even have time to regret," the father of the three sisters says.

"I will beat you for everything, I will kill. Go away, go away, go away, do not force me to sin," he says.

Also, screenshots of the correspondence of one of the sisters with her friend, confirming the rape, were published.

Meanwhile, after the murder of Mikhail Khachaturyan, it turned out that he was a major drug dealer. During the search of his white Audi Q7 parked in the courtyard, the operative discovered 2 kg of heroin, a crossbow, an air rifle (redesigned to a small caliber), a smoothbore gun, three pneumatic pistols, a signal pistol and an Udar gas pistol.

The investigation is ongoing. It is reported that the testimonies of the girls are a bit contradictory, but this is possible due to the shock they experienced. The suspects are in a temporary detention facility. Today, a court is to select a preventive measure for the sisters Khachaturyan. According to the ICR, the investigation requests the court to imprison them.



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