Three people survived mass shooting in Transbaikal military unit

Three people survived mass shooting in Transbaikal military unit
Ramil Shamsutdinov

The Investigative Committee has detected facts of hazing at the military unit.

Two rank-and-file officers and an APC driver survived the massacre in military unit No. 54160 near Chita, Mash reports. The servicemen were together with the immediate response group during disarmament; the group found shelter after the shooting began.

The Investigative Committee conducted an audit and established the facts of hazing, which could prompt private Ramil Shamsutdinov to shoot eight colleagues. According to Stanislav Golovanov, who used to serve in the unit, the majority of the dead had several weeks left before discharge.

Relatives and friends told the media that Shamsutdinov was a calm person, not prone to breaking the law. The investigation believes that Shamsutdinov did not plan the murder. Something put him over the edge. On the day of the murder, Shamsutdinov had spent a day on guard, and the senior staff were registering him for about two hours, reports. According to the publication, there were two people who had several weeks left before discharge.

Baza published a list of the dead. Among them, there were two officers, Crew Commander Captain Evseev and Head of the immediate response unit, Platoon Commander, and Senior Lieutenant Pyankov. The rest of the victims include Rapid Deployment Group Commander, Corporal Andreev, Technical Security Equipment Operator Nikishin, Kovalev, and rank-and-file officers Kuropov, Pokotilo, and Bogomolov. Rank-and-file officers Erlikh and Aleev, as well as APC driver Konovalov survived.

The ICR intends to check the leadership of the unit, where the tragedy took place.



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