Thousands of doctors, teachers, aircraft manufacturers are being dishoused all around Moscow  

Thousands of doctors, teachers, aircraft manufacturers are being dishoused all around Moscow
Tenants of the house on Stavropolskaya Street in Moscow

On August 12, on the Tverskaya Street, a series the tenants, whom the authorities dishoused from their Moscow houses, organized one-man protests.

They claim that thousands of citizens have been simply dispossessed of their housing. A tenant of the house on the Simferopol Boulevard Daria Kirillova told Rus2Web about which violations of the officials the citizens brought up during the protest.

We have to unite the houses: physicians from the Simferopol Boulevard 19, teachers from the Natalia Kovshova Street 11, and builders from the Stavropolskaya-17 Street and many other Muscovites, who found themselves under pressure from officials. Across the capital, thousands of doctors, teachers, aircraft manufacturers are being dishoused. The program of settlement of physicians and teachers, at the time, provided 7 thousand people with social housing in Moscow.

2016-08-12-03-15-00-45.jpgFor example, in our house at the Simferopol Boulevard, both the documents on privatization and the social renting contracts with the tenants have been terminated. We had a meeting with the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, in August 2014, after which he issued an order for new housing. According to the papers, they gave us new apartments larger then the previous ones, but in fact they did not provide us with the necessary documents. Because of this, for two years, we cannot move into our new homes, whilst we also have lost the rights to the old apartments. These simple manipulations with documents made 88 families of health workers from our house homeless.

In the house on the Stavropolskaya-17, builders live. This is a corridor type dormitory. They built the house themselves, as well as MRHW, Gostiny Dvor, and now they are kicked out on the streets. They are also, according the papers, rehoused, and the house with the tenants was transferred to the non-residential real estate fund. The Property Department along with the Federal Property Management Agency were quick to pass the building to another company, due to the initiative of which the tenants were given the writs of eviction. Without charge or trial, they kick out doctors and teachers, living in the 9-storey building on Natalia Kovshova Street 11. The tenants of the Lublinskaya Street 109, Varshavskoye Driveway 1A for the second year live without electricity and water, they are not provided with the utility services. More than 20 former Moscow dormitories experience similar problems.

They conceal the information about the addresses of our new apartments from us. In our opinion, this is the biggest violation of the Moscow Property Department. We do not even know where we were provided with housing. We only know that we have been removed from the queue to improve housing conditions in connection with the provision of new apartments, in which we have not moved in. The Decree of the Moscow Government № 534-RP (for rehousing of tenants) classified the data of the administrative act for housing provision; the document is classified for the official use only. This is where the registered addresses of our new houses are written, but we cannot take the social renting contracts to claim our rights.

In theory, we should have moved in our new apartments, registered and applied for privatization long ago. But the tenants’ rights have been violated, without a residence permit, we were deprived of everything. We cannot send our children to kindergartens, cannot participate in elections, etc. Therefore, we are forced to defend ourselves. On August 7, we already held a rally on the Krasnopresnenskaya Zastava Square, we spread the information on the fraudulent scheme which is used to take our houses.

The protests of 12 August were attended by about 15 initiative groups of the capital's houses. We were standing along Tverskaya Street to Okhotniy Ryad at every 50 meters. The history of our houses was displayed on posters. We demand the officials to be brought to responsibility and we want to find out where our apartments are located. We believe that it was the raider seizure of property, and it is necessary to deal with this outrage.



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