“Things followed their own course.” Murdered Badri Shengelia’s wife states there is no threats 

“Things followed their own course.” Murdered Badri Shengelia’s wife states there is no threats
Shengelia’s vehicle fired with shots

Ljudmila Shengelia claimed that the influential businessman did not receive any threats before was murdered.

The wife of an influential businessman Badri Shengelia who was shot in Leningrad Oblast believes that there were no preconditions for the murder of her husband.

“To my mind, there were no preconditions. If there had been any, I would not have gone on vacation. Things followed their course. Life went on. And now, there’s no life. That’s it.” Ljudmila Shengelia (47) said.

The wife of an influential businessman learned about her husband’s death when she was on vacation abroad. She went abroad the day before. At present, Ljudmila Shengelia is seeking the opportunity to buy a ticket for the first flight to St. Petersburg. She is going to be met by private bodyguards at the airport.

According to SPARK-Interfax, Ljudmila Shengelia owns 50% of a restaurant Alma LLC in the town of Vyborg. She is also a 90% owner of St. Petersburg-based UNR-35 Tresta Lenotdelstroy LLC and a 100%-owner of Vyborg-based Forum LLC. Both companies deal with real estate.

The influential 53-year-old businessman Badri Shengelia was shot during the daytime on September 17, on the 21 km of Novopriozerskoe Hgw in Vsevolzhsky District of Leningrad Oblast. Judging by the traces on Shengelia’s Mercedez, the car was fired at least six times. Shengelia’s head was cleaved by the gunshot. It is likely that the assault was committed on the move. After the shelling, Shengelia lost control of his car and drove it to a ditch. Law enforcement officers are working a search at the scene.

Badri Shengelia is a well-known raider in St. Petersburg who has connections with criminals and within law enforcement. He became the prototype for a character in a book Bandit Petersburg by Andrey Konstantinov.


Badri Shengelia

It's currently believed that his testimonies in 2007 caused an arrest of a ‘night governor’ of the northern capital and allegedly a founder of Tambovskaya criminal group Vladimir Barsukov (aka Kumarin).

Recently, Shengelia’s name was highlighted once again in connection with the case of Colonel of the Investigative Committee of Russia Mikhail Maksimenko. In particular, in February this year, he stated that in 2015, the Colonel - for bribery - reached the filing of criminal charges against siloviki (influential figures in law enforcement and security agencies) who had allegedly stolen his Hublot watches. As for Maksimenko, the fact that this criminal case was opened helped him dismiss a head of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in St. Petersburg Aleksander Klaus who he argued with.  



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