"They shoved everyone in the car flat-wise". How siloviki suddenly visit funeral feast of shot Azerbaijani 

"They shoved everyone in the car flat-wise". How siloviki suddenly visit funeral feast of shot Azerbaijani
Shot Ramil Dzhaniev

A few criminal skirmishes involving natives of Azerbaijan took place in the south-Ural capital over the past few weeks.

Murder of the representative of the Azerbaijani diaspora Ramil Dzhaniev in Chelyabinsk may be associated with the war broken out for the redistribution of the passenger transportation market, URA.RU reports with reference to sources in the law enforcement agencies.

25-year-old Ramil Dzhaniev, master of sports in kickboxing, was slain on September 8 near the entrance of house number 7 in Ostrovsky Street. The assassin shot several times at Dzhaniev's head. 26-year-old Eldaniz Bagirov was declared wanted on suspicion of committing the crime.      


Alleged killer Bagirov Eldaniz Afgan Ogly

According to Azerbaijani traditions, commemorative feast was organized the next day after the funeral. About 200 people gathered at restaurant Bakinsky Dvorik (Baku Yard). Chelyabinsk security officials also came there. The law enforcers detained all the guests of the restaurant and took them to the police station.  

Chelyabinsk Central Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs grudgingly reported that the officers of the bodies had conducted "operational and preventive measures" to "check violations of the migration legislation".

"We do not know anything about the connection between the murder of the young man and the events in the café Bakinsky Dvorik," said the Head of the press service of the police Central Board, Olga Shterk.

Meanwhile, one of the detainees anonymously told URA.RU that the actions of the siloviki had not been similar to a preventive measure. According to him, the police officers that raided the restaurant opened fire in the air.

"They made the young and the old lie on the floor and started to kick them. They shoved everyone in the car flat-wise, as if they were carrying cattle, not people. All 200 people were taken away. Even the father of the deceased. All were Russian citizens and were ready to show their documents. People experienced a grief, had a funeral feast, the boy was just 25 years old. Instead of looking for a criminal, they came and took people away from the funeral feast. And then they are surprised that they are not respected," commented the agency's interlocutor.

Waitress of the cafe Zilya confirmed the words of the participant of the funeral banquet.

"The Special Police Force arrived and started shooting... They started to beat someone as soon as they entered. We had guests in the summer bar. They, apparently, were also taken away," the woman said, noting that Bakinsky Dvorik was then closed.

A similar police raid was held on August 29 in restaurant Malenkaya Gruziya (Little Georgia) in Academic Korolev Street. According to sources, the men of the leader of the Azerbaijani group Rakhman Abdullaev and the ex-employee of the Department for Combating Organized Crime Andrei Tselishchev, who enlisted the power support of the people of criminal 'authority' Vladimir Puzikov, set a time in this place. Then about 90 people were delivered to the police station, who were subsequently released. The Chelyabinsk Central Board also called "checking violations of the migration legislation" as the reason for the mopping-up operation.


Sources of URA.RU believe that the criminal brawls, as well as the murder of 25-year-old Ramil Dzhaniev, are connected with the redistribution of the fixed-route taxi market in the region. The Azerbaijani diaspora remains one of the most active players in this field. It is possible that after the murder of Dzhaniev, new blood may be shed, since the Azerbaijanis will want to avenge the death of their compatriot.



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