"There was no funeral": Pobeda on late passenger over whom Rospotrebnadzor opened a case 

"There was no funeral": Pobeda on late passenger over whom Rospotrebnadzor opened a case

Previously, Pobeda did not let a woman who, as media reported, was in a hurry for a funeral, to enter the plane.

Representatives of the airline commented on the case instituted by Rospotrebnadzor regarding the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of regulatory legal acts in connection with the passenger who was late for the flight.

The incident occurred on August 21 on flight DP457 Moscow – Cheboksary.

According to Pobeda, the passenger with hand luggage significantly exceeding the calibrator’s maximum dimensions arrived at 19:18 Moscow time, but her boarding pass stated that the boarding would be completed at 19:15. The woman did not immediately agree to leave her luggage, and when she decided to board the liner without her suitcase at 19:23, the boarding gate closed, and the last bus with passengers left for the long-distance parking of the aircraft.

In addition, airline representatives pointed out that the version voiced by the passenger’s landing about a funeral in Cheboksary was not true. “There was no funeral,” company representative said.

“At that point, it was already impossible to board the late passenger without delaying the flight,” they explained. The airline explained that they had to comply with the rights of 181 passengers who abode by all the rules, but would have to endure inconvenience because of just one person otherwise. 

In the video, the woman nearly begs airline employees to let her on board.

Video: Pobeda does not let woman board



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