The Vice Mayor denied connections with the former adviser, who had beaten the girl up on the Arbat

The Vice Mayor denied connections with the former adviser, who had beaten the girl up on the Arbat

The PA of Deputy Mayor, Leonid Pechatnikov, Galina Vodyakova during an interview on the radio station "Govorit Moskva» stated that Erast Mataev, who allegedly, had beaten the woman on the Old Arbat Street, is not close to Pechatnikov.

According to her, two years ago Mataev worked as an adviser in the mayor's office on a voluntary basis and didn’t know Pechatnikov very well, so there’s nothing that Leonid P. can say about him.    

Let’s remind that the incident that occurred on June 25th at the Old Arbat Street was videotaped and attracted much attention of public. The passenger of black BMW with official’s license plate A749MR77, got out of the car and started beating a woman for filming his traffic violation on the famous Moscow street.

Moreover, an angry passenger was hitting woman in the head until two men in suits, who were in the car with him before that, dragged him off her and sat him down in the car.

The videotape of the accident spread rapidly in the internet by an activist of the project "Movement", Andrei Filin. Later, users have found that the car belongs to a former adviser to the Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, Erast Mataev.

The record shows there is a significant similarity between the beater and Pechatnikov.    

According to Internet users, he previously violated the traffic rules and is well known for his bad attitude to other drivers, in particular, he was previously seen driving on the opposite lane of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Based on the information from the open sources about Erast Mataev, a prominent member of the Moscow Diaspora of Mountain Jews, until recent times served as the CEO of the Institution in Moscow's health department "Sotsenergo".

The victim wrote a report to the police, law enforcers are establishing all the people involved in the accident. The woman expressed her disappointment by the fact that while she was beaten up, almost none of the bystanders tried to help her.



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