The US considers declaring Russia sponsor of terrorism

The US considers declaring Russia sponsor of terrorism
The US Senate

The US Senators are going to consider this decision as part of new round of sanctions against Russia.

The US Senators are preparing to bring together all existing sanctions against Russia, from DASKAA to the Magnitsky Act, as well as to introduce the new sanctions. The law "On the protection of US security from the aggression of the Kremlin" (DASKAA), refers to the need to find assets of Vladimir Putin and recognize Moscow as a "sponsor of terrorism."

The authors of the initiative point out that ”the United States must make it abundantly clear that we will defend our nation and not waver in our rejection of his effort to erode Western democracy.” According to RBC, the senators demand Russian authorities return the Crimea to Ukraine and refuse to support violence in the east of Ukraine, separatists in Georgia and Moldova, as well as the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In addition to the sanctions, the document also offers to update the Kremlin list, and find the assets belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The bill offers to create a ‘sanction office’ in the White House, which will coordinate the US actions on anti-Russian sanctions with European countries.

The review of Barclays says that the main threat of the new US sanctions against Russia is the blocking of operations of state banks, as well as the ban on operations with them for American institutions. In addition to seven Russian banking institutions that are already under sanctions (including Sberbank, VTB, VEB and Promsvyazbank), Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank may fall under the sanctions. According to experts, the Russian Ruble and federal loan bonds will suffer the most from the anti-Russia sanctions.



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