Murder of Shesh-Besh founder’s driver could be a hit

Murder of Shesh-Besh founder’s driver could be a hit

On Saturday, July 9th a passer-by found a sleeping bag in the Moscow River not far from the Luzhniki arena with the body of a man inside. Supposedly he was 40-45 years old, dressed in a blue suit and had a head wound.

Given the state of the body, the corpse had been in the water for a long time.

The representative of the Investigative Committee Y. Ivanova told the media that based on the finding of the body the criminal case was initiated under Art.105 and Art.222 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder and Illegal arms trafficking).

Today, with reference to its own source in the investigative authorities, reported that the body was identified. It belongs to the personal driver of the Shesh-Besh’s (oriental restaurant chain) founder. He was shot in the head.

The investigation assumes that the victim could be the target of a contract killing. The motive for that may be business confrontation. The investigative actions are being carried out, there is going to be an anatomical examination soon.



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