Kremlin does not hurry to expel Nikita Belykh from the governor post

Kremlin does not hurry to expel Nikita Belykh from the governor post

According to the CEO of the National Strategy Council, Valery Khomyakov, the Kremlin will not remove Nikita Belykh from the governor office.

He believes that the arrest of the Kirov governor while receiving a bribe and the subsequent criminal proceedings against him were staged.

As for the absence of solutions at the Kremlin level about the future of the governor's chair in the Kirov region, according to Valery Khomyakov, it is caused by the fact of loyal attitude of Nikita Belykh to current policy, including foreign policy.

"In recent years he has demonstrated a hefty loyalty, including loyalty to the Kremlin's foreign policy. He was one of the first, as far as I remember, who made an agreement with Aksenov, when the Crimea became the part of Russia. He behaved quite loyally, Putin met him on the sidelines of SPIEF," said Valery Khomyakov.

According to him, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region for the most part are members of the party Edinaya Rossia. For the implementation of any actions with Belykh they need a guidance from the federal leadership, which, in turn, is waiting for the command from the Kremlin.

According to Valery Khomyakov, there are many confirmations that Belykh was telling the truth about the money - he took them to build a temple. "All the rest - a setup with the aim to squeeze him out of the governor's chair," - said Khomyakov, adding that "Nikita Belykh stepped on the tails of many in the Kirov region, when he tried to make them work for the benefit of people, rather than their pockets. Perhaps there will not be any elections, as the Kremlin is not interested in changing anyone".

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, 13th of July, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov told the media that Vladimir Putin had not yet made a decision about the Nikita Belykh’s demotion. Peskov also underlined that in order to make personnel changes, the President do not need to wait for a court's decision on the current Kirov governor.

The lawyer of arrested Nikita Belykh, Vadim Prokhorov, told the media that he and his client are pleased with the absence of the decision on the resignation of Belykh from the governor's office.

"We are pleased, of course, that the resignation has not taken place. There are some ideas, but I leave them to myself", said the lawyer.

Let us remind that the acting governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh, was arrested in one of the restaurants in Moscow on June 24th. He was accused of taking a bribe in the amount of 400 thousand euros. By the decision of the Basmanny Court, Belykh was taken into custody until 24th of August.



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