The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case over the doping scandal

The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case over the doping scandal

Russian investigators tend to deal with the accusations at the feet of All-Russian Athletic Federation (ARAF).

The Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) initiated a criminal case against the heads of the ARAF over abuse of office, which resulted in serious consequences (art. 201 para. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigators, in 2009-2013 The Federation’s activity led to disqualification of athletes of national Russian team on track and field athletics, a ban for further participations in official sport competitions, including international, and cancellation of results received during the  official competition mentioned above.

It is mentioned, that the case was initiated as a result of pre-investigational inspection based on the data written in legal aid's request of the Paris Court of Major Jurisdiction against officials of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which was received in 2015. The request tells that ARAF committed a violation in controlling doping usage among its sportsmen and admitting them to official competitions.

«I should say, that one country should not undertake an investigation of what happened in the other. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and rules of international law only the Investigative Committee of Russia, being independent investigative body, is authorized and will conduct the comprehensive, full and objective investigation», - explained the official representative of the ICR Vladimir Markin.

Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee does not reject help of foreign specialists and is ready to request some additional data and documents, which are necessary for the investigation. What is more the Prosecutor’s General Office has already requested the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and anti-doping committees of the Olympic Committee to send materials on doping-tests of Russian sportsmen for the last years. The current president of ARAF Dmitry Shlyakhtin has already delivered necessary documentation to the investigators

The case was undertaken by the acting chief of the department on investigation of especially important cases over crimes against the personality and public safety Mikhail Gurevich.

It should be recalled, that the Doping Scandal broke out after the WADA report on results of the inspection of Russian Anti-Doping Agency’s activity. The report said that Russian sportsmen had regularly concealed doping usage. Basing on the IAAF report, it was recommended to disqualify ARAF, withdraw the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory’s license and disqualify Russian track and field athletes.

Moreover, the film made by German TV-channel ARD about doping in Russian sport spiced the scandal up. It quotes former head of the Moscow Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov, who claimed that the Russian Minister of Sport’s adviser Natalia Zhelanova participated in handing money to IAAF to hide positive doping-tests of the Russian sportsmen. According to Rodchenko, she also was putting pressure upon the management of WADA together with the Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko.

«The goal of Rodchenkov’s accusation is understandable:  to accuse the government that it conducts doping programs regularly. Secondly – to influence the commission in term that all what we do to fight against doping is disingenuous. The focus of the accusation is understandable. He accuse those, who fired him and tried to stop his activities,» - told Vitaly Mutko to R-Sport.

Zhelanova in her turn said that she would probably sue Rodchenkov.  



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