The Guardian: Russia is a great place to host World Cup

The Guardian: Russia is a great place to host World Cup

On the eve of the tournament, some British media published provocative materials on the expectable behavior of local fans at the World Сup, and also referred to the challenging situation between two countries.

The Guardian publishes an article in which offers its first impressions of the 2018 World Cup. According to the newspaper, fans will change tune about the country after the Mundial.

“The political tensions and all the other issues with the Russian government will still be there when the World Cup leaves town, but it’s likely that a lot of people will depart Russia with great memories and a changed view of the country. Russia is putting on its best, most smiling face for the month: people are excited to welcome the tournament and the fans, and so far at least that is leading to overwhelmingly positive vibes. The cheap beer and warm sunshine in most host cities are not hindering this process, either. With Russian transport corridors all running through the capital, Moscow has become a hub for fans, with tens of thousands shuttling through for a couple of nights between games and creating a carnival atmosphere,” The Guardian pens.

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