The Guardian estimates costs in Novichok inquiry at £10m

The Guardian estimates costs in Novichok inquiry at £10m
Photo: Hannah McKay / Reuters

According to the edition, the costs related to the Novichok incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury have surpassed £10m. The police expect the British government to reimburse these expenses.

Wiltshire County police, in which cities nerve agent attacks were committed, has spent more than £10 million ($12.9 million) on the investigation of these crimes, The Guardian reported.

It is estimated that the cost of bringing in officers from other forces will be more than £7m, and more than £1.3m has been spent on overtime within Wiltshire police. Other costs include £347.000 spent on disposing of and replacing some police vehicles.

The £10m total does not include the cost of the Metropolitan police’s investigations.

The police and crime commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson, said the government should cover the bill. “For our force to find itself at the centre of two major incidents in such a short space of time is somewhat unimaginable, and we have endured significant costs because of the scale of the investigation,” he said.

“I am grateful that the government has already pledged £4.1m towards the costs incurred by Wiltshire police during the investigation into the attack on Yulia and Sergei Skripal. I fully expect all costs associated with these unparalleled incidents to be met by the government,” he added.

In early June BBC reported that police costs reached £7.5 million.

The UK authorities believe that Russia poisoned Sergei and Yulia Skripals at the beginning of March in the British Salsbury. According to London, Novichok nerve agent exposed the Colonel; it was developed in Russia. At the end of June, a couple from Britain, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess, were poisoned in Amesbury. Rowley survived, Sturgess died. Scotland Yard claimed that they were poisoned with Novichok. Russia denies its involvement in these incidents.



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