Former judge went missing after visiting underground casino

Former judge went missing after visiting underground casino
Olga Kashaykina

Details of the disappearance of Olga Kashaikina, the retired federal judge, have become known. Lately she served as the head of the legal department in Otkrytie Bank.

On the May 7th, a 37-year-old woman left the house wearing an evening gown and not carrying her mobile phone and documents. It was the last time she was seen.

In a week after the mysterious disappearance of the woman a criminal case was initiated under an article Murder. The Timiryazevskiy interdistrict department of the Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee opened the case in May. Rosbalt, according to its anonymous resourse, reports that after nearly two months the investigators are able to restore the picture of what happened.

The former Federal judge of the Koptevsky district court of Moscow, Olga Kashaykina, lived on the 800th anniversary of Moscow street with her husband, who on the eve of holidays in May went on a business trip. On May 6th the woman drove her parents to a country house (dacha) and told them that she is invited to a special event for VIPs in the underground casino. She was invited by an old friend.

Kashaykina said that due to informational security, mobile phones and other gadgets were not allowed. There was a dress code as well.

It seems like for that reason, Olga returned to Moscow, withdrew 260 thousand rubles from an ATM and went shopping. After buying an evening dress and new shoes, she left her documents and a phone at home, took 150 thousand rubles with her and caught the cab. She reached Altufievskoe highway – that was the last moment when she had been seen on the street surveillance cameras.

On May 9th her husband returned from a business trip and after finding her phone and documents at home, started suspecting that something was wrong. He appealed to the police, which began an investigation.

It is still unknown, whether the missing of the former judge is linked to her professional life in the past (Olga is known for leading a number of high-profile cases, for example, seizing the collection of vintage cars at the request of ROSEVROBANK), or to the present - Kashaykina served as the Head of the legal Department in Otrkytie bank. The investigation also considers another version – which is the fact the woman was carrying a large sum of money that could have attracted intruders.

Currently, the investigation is trying to establish the identity of the stranger, who invited her to the underground casino and looking for those who could have seen her disappear on Altufyevskoe highway.

Searches are now being conducted not only by the police - relatives and friends also post announcements on specific search pages in social networks, but there are still no results yet.



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