The first reaction to the arrest of the governor of the Kirov region, "Nikita Belykh would not fall for any bribes"

The first reaction to the arrest of the governor of the Kirov region, "Nikita Belykh would not fall for any bribes"
Nikita Belykh at the moment of arrest

The first reaction to the arrest of the Kirov Region Governor, Nikita Belykh, occurred to be mixed and the polar-opposite in political, social and business environment.

Let’s remind that Nikita Belykh was arrested on Friday, June 24th at a Moscow restaurant receiving a bribe of 400 thousand euros. According to the Investigative Committee, the governor of the Kirov region was caught red-handed while receiving the second tranche of a bribe. Banknotes in denominations of 100 euros were marked with a special paint that glows in the ultraviolet.

After the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation published information about the arrest, social networks has filled with controversial comments associated with this resonant event.

For example, according to the deputy of the State Duma of the Kirov region, Kirill Cherkasov, detention of Nikita Belykh is connected with the state policy aimed at combating corruption.

"This news is a surprise to me. The president said that there are no untouchables, and this is his position. I think that this has nothing to do with the upcoming election, his governor's term ends in only two years, "said the deputy.

Member of the Public Chamber of the Kirov region, Mikhail Plyusnin, is sure that the deputy was framed: "This is clearly a setup. Today, just at six o'clock in the evening I drove near the FSB building, there were cars of the Investigative Committee parked. Obviously, this was all planned and prepared. Probably seizure of documents will be done in the government building. Let's see whether this scale of corruption matches the scale in the Republic of Komi ". He underline that Nikita Belykh is an educated financier, and would hardly have started taking bribes in cash. He expressed the assumption that the whole operation was under control, because "things like that are not prepared in one day”.

Another member of the Public Chamber of the Kirov region, as well as an entrepreneur Elunur Guseynov, said that the business environment in the region respected Nikita Belykh, he has attracted a lot of investors to the region. In addition, he expressed the assumption that the arrest of the governor during bribe receiving could be a provocation, because “now somebody wants to make many liberal opposition politicians to" shut up. "

"The man had almost everything in life. And I do not understand how for 400 thousand euro he could be bribed. Nikita Yurevich was a very bright politician, a good strategist and knew what he was doing, invested in the Kirov region and attracted a lot of investors. What happened today is a shock to me. How could he impose risk on his life and reputation. Naturally that reputation of the area will suffer. I hope this has a justification, "- said Elunur Huseynov, noting that the detention of Nikita Belykh may adversely affect the business development in the region and scare off new investors.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, Valery Turul, is sure that "Nikita Belykh would not fall for any bribes." According to him, the governor’s detention while receiving a bribe is a provocation. "He wouldn’t bite for direct bribes, there are many mechanisms. He is a formidable man in all these matters, I think that there is something abnormal. " The deputy also noted that there are many options "to gain something somewhere" and receive money, without being involved in the mechanism of bribery.

According to the director of school in the village of Vakhrushi in Sloboda region , Igor Olin, there is a real hunt started for the representatives of regional authorities. "I think this is strange, because this is a man who worked for many years in authorities and used to be a opponent of the regime. It seems to me that when he served as governor, he clearly did not pursue the goal of personal gain, he was already a wealthy man. I think that there may be some kind of provocation. Perhaps it is politically motivated. The political struggle before the elections is going to be very tough, " pointed out Igor Olin.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, Mikhail Kurashin, said that he the amount of information relatied to the detention of the governor doesn’t allow him to draw conclusions, but his arrest was a surprise for the official.

The President of Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, also reacted to the arrest of Nikita Belykh: "Governor Belykh was detained for a bribe of 400 thousand Euros. Liberals are preparing to tell us about the 37th year ", - the politician wrote in his microblog.

At the same time, Elena Panfilova, head of the Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiatives "Transparency International - Russia" stated that it is inappropriate to ask people about their opinion on these resonant events, because they are far away from the system of authorities and can not give an objective assessment of what is happening.

"This system lives by its own principles. Whatever we may think or feel, we are not able to understand any reasons, content or meaning of certain operations. And it is a great grief and misery. It is useless to try to get into the head of those who make such decisions, because we do not know what they are thinking, "- said Elena Panfilova.

Members of the media also present completely opposite opinions on a subject. For example, according to a presenter of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Ksenia Larina, the arrest of Nikita Belykh – is a planned attack. "It does not matter now, if I believe it or not. I cannot imagine what could make him take the money, if the man knows about his around the clock monitoring, surveillance, wiretapping. But it happened. And participation of the media teams in this the special operation - confirms the fact of planned attack: Nikita was set up. "

But journalist Alexander Khinshtein is sure that the detention of the governor - "pure felony". "I’m shocked by the fact of arrest of Nikita Belykh. However, there is no doubt: caught red-handed, evidence is obvious. There is no politics here: pure felony ", - wrote the journalist in his Twitter.



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