The detainee’s inner circle named the person who gave the cash to Belykh.

The detainee’s inner circle named the person who gave the cash to Belykh.
Nikita Belykh in the Basmanny Court

The governor’s entourage expressed their version of a bribery incident.

Recall that on Friday, June 24th, in one of the Moscow’s restaurant, law enforcement officials detained Nikita Belykh in the act of receiving a bribe amouting to 400 thousand euros.

While people who surround the governor suggest that it was not a bribe - Nikita Belykh was trying to attract sponsorship for the reconstruction of a few facilities in the region. Besides that, the name of the briber was called - it was a German citizen, Yuri Zudhaymer, who is a member of the Board of Directors' in “Novovyatskiy ski plant. " He is now involved in the case as a witness. Let’s add that the company JSC "Novovyatskiy Ski plant"is by 99.99% owned by the company "Sudheimer Car Technik-Vertriebs GmbH" and registered in Germany.

It should be noted that according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, Nikita Belykh has received a bribe for the actions in favor of this organization. In this regard, yesterday, on June 25th, by the court’s decision he was arrested until 24th of August.

According to the investigating authorities, during the hearing, where preventive measures against the governor were elected, Belykh admitted receiving the money, but denied it to be a bribe. Moreover, the politician expressed his desire to cooperate with the investigation and willingness to give all the necessary explanations. Despite that, the detainee's lawyers were not able to achieve the change of venue and to convince the court to mitigate the verdict.

The governor’s entourage argue that Nikita Belykh previously held a meeting with entrepreneurs, where they raised the question of creating of extrabudgetary fund for sponsorships. It was assumed that these funds will be spent on reconstruction of significant objects (building, roads) on the territory of the city and the region. It was also noted that the reason for the meeting with potential investors was the lack of money for critical needs in the local budgets.

Yuri Zudhaymer expressed a desire to invest his money in the extrabudgetary fund. At the restaurant, where there the detention happened, Nikita Belykh was together with Yuri Zudhaymer. The investor is now perceived as a witness in the case.

It is also noteworthy that the governor’s inner circle is sure: the German businessman reported to the police about the deal himself. After that, the investigating authorities, together with Yuri Zudhaymer organized investigative experiment which was followed by the arrest of Nikita Belykh in the act receiving the money. As for traces of substance on the hands of the governor, glowing in the ultraviolet, there is a significant detail: the paint was on the palms of Nikita Belykh, not on his fingers. He could get dirty when he greeted the man. Let’s add that the same version have been already voiced by his lawyers.

The lawyer, Pavel Chickov, reacted on the scandal with the Kirov governor. In his "Twitter", he wrote, that the defense’s statement about the needs of the region, is an attempt to reclassify the charges from a particular serious crime to an offence of average severity - the abuse of power.

Earlier the media expressed the version, that the detainee could have a conflict with the security forces or someone from the business community, which resulted in the arrest for bribery.

Let’s add that against Nikita Belykh criminal cases were instituted under p. 6 Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code "Receiving a bribe in large amounts." This article punishes the accused with imprisonment for a term of 8 to 15 years.



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