The day after murder, historian Sokolov was engaged in solving everyday problems 

The day after murder, historian Sokolov was engaged in solving everyday problems
Oleg Sokolov Photo: KP

Associate Professor left a request for the repair of a gas-fired water heater, which stopped heating the water.

There are new details in the case of brutal murder of a graduate student of St. Petersburg State University Anastasia Yeshchenko. When a preventive measure was being selected for historian Oleg Sokolov in a St. Petersburg court, he acted as if he was shocked by what had happened and insisted that he shot his lover in a state of passion. However, according to investigators, shots from a small-caliber rifle TOZ-17 were fired directly at the girl’s temple. As it turned out, in the morning, just a few hours after the murder, the assistant professor was preoccupied with resolving everyday issues related to the broken gas-fired water heater.

Around 8:55 a.m., Sokolov called Peterburggas to complain about the problem. A recording of this conversation was published by Moika78.

“I have a gas-fired water heater, and it stopped working,” the man said. 

“It doesn’t start at all, or periodically?” the dispatch lady asked.

“It used to work, but now it doesn’t,” he replied. 

During the telephone conversation, the man’s footsteps on wooden parquet could be heard. The dispatch lady offered to fill out an application. The male voice specified the address: 82 Moika, entrance from the side of 1 Fonarny Lane. 

“Your name, please,” Peterburggas employee said. 

“Oleg Valeryevich Sokolov. Be sure to specify that the entrance is from the Fonarny Lane.”

Video: Oleg Sokolov dials Peterburggas at 8:55 a.m. November 8, 2019

The locksmith was appointed on November 11, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, apparently he never fixed the gas-fired water heater, as since November 9, when Sokolov was caught in the Moika River with severed female arms in his backpack, the assistant professor’s apartment was sealed.

When the investigation of the case began, the historian assured the operative officers that he wanted to execute himself in the uniform of Napoleon in the Peter and Paul Fortress. However, he did not explain why, in that case, he tried to get rid of the dismembered body.

It is also known that the day after the murder, Sokolov threw a party at his place. The guests drank, had small talk, and had fun, not suspecting that there was a corpse lying in the next room.

“Sire” Sokolov killed graduate student of St. Petersburg State University Anastasia Yeshchenko on the night of November 7-8. He shot the girl with a small-bore rifle directly into the temple. Then he dismembered her body with an ordinary hand saw and tried to drown parts of the body in the Moika River, but fell into the water, where he spent more than 40 minutes. Vigilant passers-by called rescuers, who pulled the historian out from the river. That was when the terrible crime was revealed. On Friday, November 15, the associate professor was transferred to Kresty pre-trial detention center in the city of Kolpino, where he will stay until January 9, 2020, pending the completion of the investigation and trial.



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