Fugitive Russian hitman and 3 gang members hiding in Thailand exposed 

Fugitive Russian hitman and 3 gang members hiding in Thailand exposed
Dmitry Shkuratov, known in criminal circles as "Dima the President" is among the detainees

The law enforcement officers have detained two more criminals apart from the ones mentioned. The wanted persons had married Thai women and were living in the country with family visas.

Thai law enforcement agencies detained four Russian nationals from the international wanted list at the request of the Russian Interpol. The news was reported by Lieutenant General Natathon Praosunthon, the head of the Immigration Bureau of the Kingdom.

Among the detainees are Dmitry Shkuratov, Anatoly Samodov, Evgeny Korovin and Andrey Dzyatkovsky. According to Interpol, they had been wanted for having committed grave and particularly grave crimes. For example, Anatoly Samodov from Arkhangelsk had been wanted by Russian law enforcement agencies for being a member of a criminal community and "forcing to make or refuse a deal threatening with violence".

Anatoly Samodov

He was put on the international wanted list in 2014. The CrimeRussia has been told that Samodov (Tolya Ryzhy, or Tolya the Red) was a member of Peni gang, set up by Aleksey Peunkov, the ex-deputy of the regional assembly. The gang is responsible for a number of murders, money launderings, arsons, violence, etc. (about 20 crimes in total). The gang leader was sentenced to 24 years and 5 months in prison in October 2016.

Another detainee, Dmitry Shkuratov, was born in Vladivostok. In 2015, he was convicted of using violence against a representative of the authorities, but he managed to escape from custody, having injured the guards. The local media reported that he fled to Thailand the same year. There were reports that Shkuratov, known in criminal circles as Dima the President, was engaged in fraud schemes stealing money from bankcards.

Evgeny Korovin, born in Blagoveshchensk, is accused of robbery committed by an organized group. The criminal case against him is run by the Amur department of Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was arrested in absentia and declared wanted in November 2015.

Another detainee is Andrey Dzyatkovsky, who is accused of committing some murders for hire.

Thailand law enforcement agencies stated that all four Russians had been detained in different parts of the country.

"All these people accused or convicted in Russia of serious crimes had been in Thailand for a long time, some of them had already married Thai women and were living in the country with family visas," said Natathon Praosunthon.

The detainees are going to be deported home and passed on to the Russian authorities.



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