Thailand: body of Russian tourist found in hotel

Thailand: body of Russian tourist found in hotel

The cause of death is still unknown; the person died on the day of her departure.

In one of the hotels on the beach of Karon Phuket, the police found the body of a Russian citizen at the age of about 31, who was vacationing in Thailand with her brother and a daughter. During the initial examination, there were no signs of violence on the body, as well as traces of breaking the door. This is reported by Phuket News.

The body was found on January 8, the woman in her underwear and a T-shirt was lying at the bed. There were no scratches or bruises on the body, no drugs were found. Law enforcement agencies are waiting for the results of the forensic examination.

According to the police, on January 8, a tourist with her relatives was supposed to leave Phuket.



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