Telman Ismailov’s former driver detained in case of abduction of Avraam Russo

Telman Ismailov’s former driver detained in case of abduction of Avraam Russo
Telman Ismailov

The investigation has already filed an application for taking Vladimir Gusakov into custody.

Vladimir Gusakov, the former driver of Telman Ismailov, who used to own the Cherkizovsky market, was detained in the case of the abduction of singer Avraam Russo in 2004. “The application for taking Gusakov into custody was filed in court, today it will be considered,” Yunona Tsareva, Moscow's Basmanny Court spokeswoman, told TASS.

According to the source of Interfax, Gusakov is charged with abduction committed by a group of persons on preliminary conspiracy, using violence dangerous to life or health, or with the threat of using them (part 2 of Article 126 CCRF). The investigation established that at least seven people participated in the crime. Yesterday, in the kidnapping case, Mr. Ismailov’s nephew, the former CEO of the restaurant Praga, Zaur Mardanov, was detained.

According to the investigators, in late January 2004, the main owner of AST, Telman Ismailov, came up with a plan for the abduction of Avraam Russo, whose concert activity he once financed. Later, this cooperation was terminated because of a conflict between the singer and the businessman. To accomplish the plan, the investigation believes, Mr. Ismailov got Zaur Mardanov involved. The latter, in turn, also invited five “unidentified persons” from his closest associates to participate.

The businessman’s lawyer expressed bewilderment due to the fact that Russo reported his abduction to the law enforcement agencies 14 years after the described events. Ismailov denies all charges.



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