Telegram finds new way to bypass Russian ban

Telegram finds new way to bypass Russian ban

The messenger has bypassed the ban using a push and the servers of Google, Amazon and other companies.

Experts say the messenger has figured out the way to bypass the ban in Russia - Telegram started using a server push.

Under normal conditions, the DC_Update push is used to increase the speed of message transfer and facilitate the other mechanisms of the messenger. Rather than connecting to the now banned Telegram servers, the push uses those of Google, Amazon and other companies. The messenger gets reconnected to new addresses all the time without reporting about it.

The method helps Telegram withstand a complete ban, experts say. The web version of the service it the only one that is not working, since it does not receive system pushes. To cut the messenger off from the loophole, Roskomnadzor would have to block millions of IP addresses, making a ton of other services besides Telegram unavailable.

The blocking procedure started yesterday. Roskomnadzor confirmed that it had begun blocking Amazon IP addresses that the messenger had started to use.

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