Teenagers that took pictures on Rosgvardia’s car brought to justice 

Teenagers that took pictures on Rosgvardia’s car brought to justice

The Investigative Committee for Primorsky Krai have completed an investigation into three young men who arranged a photo session on a police car last November. The case papers have been sent to court.

All of them are accused of committing a crime under Art. 319 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Insult of a Representative of Power).

To recap, on the night of November 1, 2018, a private security detachment arrived on a call to a bar in the center of Vladivostok to stop a scuffle. While the officers were inside the building, several teenagers on the street climbed onto the patrol car and began to jump on it and take pictures. One of the young people broke the windshield of the car with his feet.

The law enforcement officers that went out tried to detain the rowdies, but they resisted and the officers had to fire several shots into the air from a service weapon.

Seven people were taken to the station - three of them were fined 1000 rubles ($14.9) and released home, and four were arrested for 10 days.

Later, a criminal case was opened against three men.

If their guilt is proved, they will face a fine of up to 40 thousand rubles ($596), or in the amount of their wage (another income) for a period of up to three months. They may also be sentenced to correctional labor for up to one year.



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